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Ven Vortex
Avatar Type Human/Tiny meerkat
Nationality Canadian

First rezzed into Second Life March 12 2017 to hang out with a friend she met in another video game.
Fascinated with trains she formed the Rail & Train Center a month after she joined SL and got land in Oculea sim
A month after that she got land in Taeniatum where she then met Sweetdebbie and the two became friends and made RTCSL a bigger better place
Ven and Debbie then moved on to do Slda but never forgotten where their friendship started.

Ven is a huge fan of DefQon 1 which is a dance rave festival.
On June 23 2021 she did a prelude to DefQon 1 @HOME event at SLDA in celebration of the festival, all tips went to Relay For Life of Second Life

June 8 2022 saw the first edition of The Warm Up for Relay For Life that Ven organized to raise money for American Cancer Society

Programs Ven use to manage the website

  • Google Chrome (free)
  • Sublime Text 4 with SFTP
  • HeidiSQL (free)
  • Terminus (free)
  • Firestorm to connect to Second Life