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SLDA is the ATC code for Debbie's Airport in Cavanaugh
Sweetdebbie bought land in the sim on the south side of the linden road in 2018 and told Ven she wanted a airport
Debbie already had land on the north side of the road so was easy for Ven to put a runway across the road at a high enough level to not block road traffic

Today SLDA has 12 counters and 4 hangers for rent. 2 clubs, a marina and space station.
Club 18 which is directly under the landing runway has weekly events

As of Jan 3 2023 SLDA has 2 convention center halls, 2 tv studios, one of which is empty while the other is setup as a talk show studio. GridPlay has also returned to SLDA with a new office section.


Club 18 Group
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Wednesdays - 5pm to 7pm SLT - Dj Brandi


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