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GridPhone is a grid wide phone system that lets you make and receive calls from any GridPhone device

Coming soon, a API system that will allow other SL phone systems to hook up with GridPhone

How To Use

  • Payphone is easy, just rez it and forget it
  • Office phone comes with a web config, rez it, click it and select WebConfig in the menu
  • Cellphone is the same as office but you wear it (add) to your HUD.

Webconfig is easy to follow, once setup you just click it to make a call or answer a call.

Our included Estate Manager Tool is super easy to use. Please make sure you are in the estate manager list or are the owner of the estate/region/sim to use the tool. Rez the tool, click it, select GO, once the confirmation process is complete and confirmed that you own or are a manager of the estate a text box will pop up asking for a 3 digit area code number. Once you submit your area code it will save to our database and you can then add more sims/regions to the same area code, just be sure to use the same numbers for each sim.

Mainlands already has area codes and we are working on getting a centralized 911 call center ready for mainlands



{search} can be phone number, name or sim

  "numbers": [
      "name": "PAYPHONE",
      "areacode": 905,
      "number": 4198748,
      "sim": "Cavanaugh"
      "name": "Test Phone",
      "areacode": 905,
      "number": 5604019,
      "sim": "Cavanaugh"

API offline for a major overhaul

{uri} can be the following. call|endcall|answer|sendmsg. call to call a number, endcall to end a call, answer to answer a incoming call, sendmsg to send a message of a already in progress call. A JSON error will be returned if theres a error, else nothing is returned.

    "error": "The error message"

Required JSON fields are...

    "number": "Number to call. Can have area code included",
    "connected":"id of number connected with",
    "incoming_number": "Your number",
    "incoming_name": "Your name to display for the receiver",
    "msg": "The message, only required if in a call"


To send a command in LSL is easy but does require the script be in the same prim as the phone script

list json = ["msg", "hello world", "status", "sendmsg|call|endcall|answer|menu", "num", "9055551234"];
llMessageLinked(LINK_SET, 98, llList2Json(JSON_OBJECT, json), toucher);

Receiving commands is easy as well using JSON

link_message(integer sn, integer num, string str, key id) {
    if (num == 99) {
        string status = llJsonGetValue(json,["status"]);
        if (status == "incoming") {
            string num = llJsonGetValue(json,["num"]);
        if (status == "endcall") {
            // do your magic here
        if (status == "msg") {
            string msg = llJsonGetValue(json,["msg"]);
        if (status == "answer") {
            string msg = llJsonGetValue(json,["msg"]);
        if (status == "setup") {
            // do your magic here

All messages uses JSON for data since its a cool language to use for passing data from device to device


<youtube></youtube> <youtube></youtube>


2.0.2 - Sept 6 2023

  • Updated the web address where data goes to
  • Put the estate toolbox in only the office phone
  • Some more bug fixes that i forgot to record

2.0.1a and b - Dec 20 222 Happy Holidays

  • Fixed the ringer issue continueing to ring after hang up
  • Fixed some more bugs that i forgot to record sorry

2.0.1 - Nov 29 2022

  • Fixed the ringer sound stopping after 2 rings
  • Set text for incoming calls, clears after anwsering the call
  • Added channel /3 for private calls, local chat still available
  • Payphones got a new text sign that says GridPhone

2.0.0 - Nov 24 2022 - Happy Thanksgiving

  • Better handling of area codes
  • Fixes throughout the server and lsl codes
  • Custom 911 (emergency) numbers. Numbers are 911, 999, 112, 111, 110, 119
  • Toll free numbers are now a area code option. (800, 888, 877, 866, 855)
  • Able to create your own area code (if estate manager/owner)
  • Now able to delete in world phone and site record via phone's dialog
  • Detach option now available in the main menu if phone is attached to your avatar
  • We have also added a payphone to our P$ store that requires P$ to make calls.

  • The new Estate Manager Tool to claim a area code is included in all packages

1.0.1 - June 28 2022

  • Fixed a issue with saving database ID to a prim
  • Fixed a incoming call where the number should of been the name of the number calling

1.0.0 - June 27 2022

  • Inital Release
  • Payphone got a setting derped