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As of May 5 2024 GridMail has been discontinued and its server code will be deleted on June 5 2024

GridMail is a notecard and object only mail system that lets you have postal people pick up mail and deliver the mail to people.

How To Use

Each Post box comes with a control console that lets you add and remove your mail people.
Add lets you add people that are within 25 meters of the console.
Remove gives you a list of added people that you can then remove
Doing so will prevent that removed person from getting the mail from any of your postboxes that you have rezzed throughout Second Life


2.2.1 Aug 17 2023

  • URL change for the Canadian and USA postboxes and terminal

2.2.0a All - Oct 8 2022

  • Fix some bugs with the terminal and mailbox

2.2.0 ALL - Feb 10 2022

  • More bug fixes to all
  • Added texture support

2.1.1b Mailbox - Feb 6 2022

  • Fixed a issue where the script wont restart after a sim restart
  • Fixed a issue where the script wont reset on owner change

2.1.1 and 2.1.1a Mailbox - Jan 14 2022 So i derped twice today, thanks to c0ralin3 for finding these bugs

  • Fixed a issue where the mailbox was NOT counting inventory items
  • Fixed a issue where the mailbox would only give notecards

2.1 Mailbox - Nov 6 2021

  • Fixed a issue with the mailbox where notecards and objects would get deleted automatically. sorry for that.

2.1 Oct 18 2021

  • Postboxes will now ping the server every 6 hours to stay alive in the system
  • No updates to the mailboxes since they dont contact the server
  • Postboxes code has been cleaned up

2.0.0 Sept 11 2021 First off my condolences to all who lost love ones on that terrible day 20 years ago

  • Boxes can now accept prim objects as well as notecards
  • Canadian and USA mailboxes will now save their location to the server to be shown on the web map
  • Code fixes in everything, mailboxes, postbox, php code
  • Postbox can now accept objects as well as notecards
  • Postbox should update its inventory count when receiving mail
  • Mailboxes will update the server of its inventory count
  • Mailboxes will now IM the mail person if there is no mail to be picked up
  • Mailboxes will show how much is ready for pickup in its prim text
  • Postboxes will now IM the renter if there is no mail to be picked up