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API version 3

Will work on this soon
We have some useful REST API's for everyone to use on top of our products
Our API URL is https://api.gridplay.net/api/
GPaONE now required to use our API with a secret ID and Key
The ID and KEY MUST be in the header as x-gpauth in a base64 format

$base = base64_encode($id.":".$key);

If using Laravel php framework we have a package to make using our new API easier

composer require gridplay/gridplayapi:dev-main

Config is easy, just requires a id and secret in a array in config/gridplay.net
More info on this package on our GitHub https://github.com/gridplay/gridplayapi


This will return the image of the in world texture
uuid is the UUID of the in world texture
size is optional for the size you like

This will return the UUID of NAMEHERE

  "uuid": "b6fa4693-593d-435c-ad32-45cffe4a8365"

This will return the username of UUID

  "name": "venkellie"

This will return if the user is online provided the UUID is given

  "isOnline": true|false


This takes a input of "to" and "msg" fields
"?to=UUIDofAvi&msg=Something to say"
Returns a json of status = sent or a error message

UUID is the UUID key of the avatar you like to see is online
Returns a json of {"isOnline": "true|false"}